Sep. 20th, 2010


Sep. 20th, 2010 05:40 pm
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I have reinstated my dazelie, and am reading through old entries to make sure they've formatted okay to the new layout.. and because I enjoy reading over them being so high on narcissm and all.

This is my favourite entry in the entire universe:
31st August, 2003
at lunch with Bronwyn today she said (she's working at a LifeLine op shop for community service), "I spotted a dress yesterday at work and thought 'oo, Jess'd like that,' it was just your style. then I looked at the tag to see where to hang it and it said fancy dress."
I found that rather amusing.

at work Leonard was taking down fairie lights that sometimes blink and sometimes don't blink and sometimes don't work at all, when he suddenly gave a yell.. he'd been mildly shocked. he later said, "gee, i'm glad it wasn't one of you girls who'd grabbed hold of that."
ph! I felt like marching over there and grabbing it for all I was worth. I bet I wouldn't even give half the bellow he did.

I learnt how to make an illusion (vodka, midori, gin, tequila, limejuice, ice), except the boy I was making them for asked me to put this horrid black licorice stuff in as well. ew. then he was sitting at the bar talking to a lady telling her about the car accident he'd been in, and he showed her this huge scar covering his torso. she said, "oh my god, you're so lucky. you're so lucky."
I was thinking, "i'm luckier."
mmm.. think i'll make this friendsonly so everyone in the entire world doesn't find my dazelie & know all the gory details of my sexlife etc.

<Jan 2011 edit>ah screw it. my sex life makes fantastic reading.</edit>

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