Feb. 24th, 2012

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Feb. 24th, 2012 10:55 am
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hi hi hi there LJ! I bugg everyone I know into writing in theirs but am the biggest laziest hypocrite evar. STILL that is no excuse for everyone to not continue writing in theirs okay?

Last weekend went to Earth Frequency Festival - got a bit sunburned, a bit intoxicated, met some new lovely people and some old - including the girl camped next to us who works with animals! To whom I ranted for ages just a bunch of random things I know and think about all kindsa animals, until she said "I can't believe you don't work with animals!" I can't either really. But then nor can I that I am not a paleantologist or editor or astronomist or architect.

But then I became very despondent when she was telling me about how continuing insidious changes to habitat, even tiny ones, are so damaging and of one species of mole that she was tracking she couldn't find a single specimen of so it is probably extinct. I was overwhelmed with how awful we are and how little there is I can do to help though I so desperately want to, so much that it totally immobilizes me with grief and helplessness. Isn't that silly. What if the reason nothing ever changes is because every-one is immobilised by how little they as an individual can change things? Yeah, yeah, what if.

What else? I just finished my second self-published book which is a conversion of my old website to the page. I do love it. I am going to revamp my web hosting business, I think. I have been playing lots and lots of Skyrim, listening to lots and lots of contradictory music. I am gathering data to write a journal article on the provision of psychology over internet chat. I bought a car. I'm growing out my hair.

That's it. :)

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