Sep. 27th, 2005 07:50 pm
overocea: (andromeda)
I am decidedly anxious/raging. shuddering, stuttering, fluttering; having fits of explosive passion, shattering crockery, windows & other peoples' skeletons; roaring, howling, bleating, gnarling, blind with blood..
  to the soothing strains of harp & flute, ambient lighting, drifting incense and tulips/roses. arr.. rrrrrrrrrrrrr.

impale, i'm pale
wrack me/rack me/skeen my spine, align me
overocea: (th dark side of th statue)
throw stones all over the place lest they be thrown first at you!

reading the diary of a girl with a broken back hasn't made me feel any better.
I conceive every day!
when I am sad it feels like my heart is shivering. or maybe my lungs. something in my chest really shivers. i'm not being poetic. I HAVE A SAD, SHIVERING THING IN ME. I can only mention it because I am not presently sad.

you can spend money and life
money and life

money is an improved life
if you could buy life I wonder which would be more valuable
not that money exists without life

one life, a million lives
ph. nothing could take up more space than a million lives, or one

I think I need a second moon to pull me into line

I think I have overdo(s/z)ed on a boy, and now he follows me everywhere and I dreamt he left me. it makes me feel starving and I don't like it.
i'll drink the water. I apologise for my last entry.


Jun. 11th, 2003 03:44 pm
overocea: (I feel mightie)
livejournal. I haven't had anything to say to you, lately. I find you strange & despicable. maybe 'cause i'm sick, but you know, I doubt it. probably because I haven't had anything to say (fullstop). you know! went to the doctor again & she said I either have a virus or a brain tumour. I wonder if I get to choose. here is something I wrote down weeks & weeks ago:

people who are constantly sick are usually sad, generally sad. all the invalid mothers who die young aren't loved by their husbands; all the sickly, weak & undersized children aren't loved by their mothers. people who die from cancer have repressed negativity, probably throughout their entire lives! if I could step into the day & heave a giant breath of sunsparkling air, throw my shoulders back & everything off them!

I never finished the thought. the current one is that I probably won't be updating. indefinitely.

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