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i'm moving in a week, hurrah! to a house in th gabba with a fireplace! fireplace yay!

meanwhile i'm having to let people wander through my current very private personal home to inspect it. not only that, there are pictures of it on th internets.

hey. STOP LOOKING AT MY STUFF. omg everyone can see my dirty dishes and what kind of deoderant I use. :(

also: I have myspace! ohnoes, but I have no friends. does anyone who uses livejournal go all overkill &use myspace too? I do because I sit bored at computers all night at work. if anyone else does tell me so I can add you and pretend I am popular. NOW.
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what you think is 10,000 times more important than what anyone else thinks.
what you want is at least twice as important as what anyone else wants. make them happy, but make yourself happy first.
don't be charitable because it makes you feel good about yourself. be charitable because it makes you feel good that the people you've helped are happier.

ask yourself what being angry will accomplish.
all negative emotion can be overcome.
people cause their own cancer.

if you fear something, learn about it. 10% chance of fearing it if you understand it.
fear is the worst reason to not do anything.
boredom is the worst reason to go to bed.
sadness is the worst reason for suicide.

don't smile for anyone but yourself. don't smile to hide your sadness if you're sad.
if something makes you sad, and you can do something about it, but don't, you lose all right to complain, or even mention your sadness.
if you're sad, don't sit by yourself in the dark and think about razors. go have lunch with your mumm.

feel free to walk away from the middle of conversations.
don't spend more than ten minutes per day thinking about how you look.
don't say you can't do something if you haven't tried it.


don't lie. don't litter. don't be cruel to strangers.
it's easier to keep friends than it is to make new ones.
people with pets live longer.

eat every day. sleep every day. exercise your brain.
use both your brain and your heart when making decisions.
listen to your favourite song over and over.
keep a journal. don't assume someone else will someday read it.

no extreme is healthy.
don't do something just because it's easier than the alternative.
don't feel obligated.

decide beforehand the most you're willing to pay.
it's better to regret something you did do than something you didn't do.
tomorrow isn't guaranteed.

don't tell your children santa claus is real.
tell your children there is more than your way to think.
love your children more than you do yourself, & say it every day. tuck them in. read to them.

hugs are a necessity.
have fun.
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there are a great many things I should be doing.
instead i've spent the past few hours making silly paperdolls. I do not really know why.

and now.. to bed. to sleep, or use it like a trampoline? that is the question.
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I am in love

&I am dying for a pet thylacine

if you cut open your stomach 99,000 blackbirds will fly out
and turn into your brothers

I, apparently, have HEAPS of spare time )


May. 14th, 2003 09:04 pm
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this is my ©bot.
I made him at potatoland.
you should make one too.
it is big funn.

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