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Birthdate:May 28
I have had this LJ for .. uh.. since 2000! &go through stages of using it and not. but in any case I don't update it as much as I used to. I still read my friends page but rarely leave comments. mewp.

if you're hearing here to befoul my glowingly brilliant entries by asking me why I bee*friended you, please just pick the most likely:

a) because I secretly adore you & want to quietly stalk you.
b)because i'm the girl you know of but don't actually know at your school/workplace.
c)because I found you slightly interesting & wanted to keep track of you.
d)because I want to steal your identity, and am slowly going about it.
e)because I add about 20 people per week purely on a whim, & delete half of them a week later, & there's nothing you can do about it.

1) please do not allow my clashie personalities to alarm you.
2)the current music feature suxxx and I shall never use it, no matter how much music is currently.
3)everyone on my friends list belongs to me.
4)don't steal my interests, you vile, odoriferous creatures.
     4.10 what's wrong with 1 2 3 o'clock that you had to leave just that one out?!

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