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So I just moved here from LJ, obvs, because I had heard good things about DW and increasingly bad things about LJ, and because I would be distressed to lose my journal history. However I hadn't posted on LJ for years and I am not sure moving means I will post here, either.

But hi, anyway.


Apr. 9th, 2015 05:20 pm
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wow so LJ is really different now. that's cool though. I don't mind.
I have been reading my friends page on and off but haven't really considered actually posting.
not once. the idea makes me feel quite anxious. as in, I feel a bit anxious.
I think it's because at some point over the years I started adding people I actually know, in real life, to my friends list.
[all those years I'd barely even met any of these friends in real life.
which meant I could post whatever I wanted. and I did. o man, did I.]
and now I'm uncomfortable posting all my weird secrets. like I can't have any of you actually knowing me. gosh no.
not that anyone ventures over here anymore, I know.

but just in case anyone does
my blog is at unpuppet.com
where I can pretend no one bothers to go.
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Japan has a bunch of cultural phenomena that I am pretty miserable do not have counterparts in Australia. Surely any one of these would be immensely successful in Brisbane:
  • Onsen. My favourite part of my Japan trip was the ~48 hours spent moving from one enormous bath to another slightly different (temperature, minerals, setting) enormous bath, getting massages (or sitting in massage chairs watching movies/sleeping), drinking beer & eating food & watching performances & playing bishi bashi. There is a Korean bath house in the Gabba that Storm and I used to go to but it is a bit clinical and spartan and just has one warm bath and one cool.
  • Big giant multi-level internet cafes where you can browse or game or watch movies or read manga or sleep all night in the pods whilst doing all of the above and eating free ice cream.
  • Cat cafes. I would TOTALLY pay per fifteen minute allotments to cuddle and play with kittens.
In other news, Girl 1 moved into my apartment. Girl 3 decided to go to Paris instead, and lots of other people came through to look but I didn't particularly like any of them.

Currently I am reading (among other things) Pleasure by David J Linden. In it he mentions a study where obese and thin young women were put in a brain scanner while sipping chocolate milkshakes. They found that the obese women showed significantly less activation of pleasure centres in the brain ("blunted pleasure").. BUT when looking at the brain response when they were about to get the milkshake, the obese women showed greater activation. So they anticipated (craved) more reward but actually received less. Why is life so mean?

I have terrible vertigo today.. I was disturbed by it all last night whilst rolling about in my sleep. What does it mean? Pick one of a) inner ear infection or b) brain tumour. ...or c) Skyrim.

spare oom

Mar. 8th, 2012 08:32 pm
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So, Storm moved out of the apartment and I now have a spare room. I've been unable to find anyone I know who wants it, so I posted an ad on Gumtree. So much anxiety, though. The rent's pretty expensive, what if no one wants to pay so much? What if no one can stand sharing an apartment with 150 My Little Ponies? What if everyone on Gumtree becomes a mad killer at the slightest provocation, e.g. upon observing 150 my little ponies all at once?

I've had a bunch of responses, including a whole bunch of callers who hang up as soon as I answer, wtf. Of the genuine replies, one was a 45 year old weightlifting guy (ew), one was two guys (??), one was a lady with a 3 year old daughter (she'd destroy my ponies. it's what kids do), one was a guy who obviously had copied&pasted the same msg to everyone advertising because it just didn't fit my ad, etc. Three responses I was especially hopeful about, so I invited them 'round to inspect and chat. They were all women around my age.

Girl 1. Moved to Australia from Afghanistan about 6 months ago, and is newly in Brisbane. She had dimples. I pretty much adored her on sight. She was very cheerful and slightly awkward (e.g. giggling nervously when I hadn't really said anything funny), which was just endearing. She seemed very eager about the room, however we clearly didn't have much in common. She also mentioned she's hoping to move to the US in three or so months, which isn't a big deal, but neither is it ideal.

Girl 2. Recently broke up with her long term partner. Slight European accent. Really, really liked the room, but was disappointed there was no communal outdoor area. Seemed disturbed by the ponies. Said she was unsure about the room, as she wanted to live somewhere very social. Well, I said, I can be social, and am on weekends, but like space to myself most of the time. She said, "I'd probably be lonely, then." TOO NEEDY.

Girl 3. I can't remember why she's moving... which is probably because I was just immediately so smitten by her (in a completely platonic way). We had lots in common, and she was very easy to chat to, bar one or two brief awkward silences that probably only occurred because we spent so much time hanging out and talking about irrelevant stuff like why cats are weird and Game of Thrones and internet dating when we'd only just met. She loved the apartment (AND the ponies) and the cats and I LOVE HER AND HOPE SHE MOVES IN.

I told her I have one more person looking tomorrow and that I'd message her after that... but I already know I want her as my housemate please.

I hope it all works out!

Right now

Feb. 24th, 2012 10:55 am
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hi hi hi there LJ! I bugg everyone I know into writing in theirs but am the biggest laziest hypocrite evar. STILL that is no excuse for everyone to not continue writing in theirs okay?

Last weekend went to Earth Frequency Festival - got a bit sunburned, a bit intoxicated, met some new lovely people and some old - including the girl camped next to us who works with animals! To whom I ranted for ages just a bunch of random things I know and think about all kindsa animals, until she said "I can't believe you don't work with animals!" I can't either really. But then nor can I that I am not a paleantologist or editor or astronomist or architect.

But then I became very despondent when she was telling me about how continuing insidious changes to habitat, even tiny ones, are so damaging and of one species of mole that she was tracking she couldn't find a single specimen of so it is probably extinct. I was overwhelmed with how awful we are and how little there is I can do to help though I so desperately want to, so much that it totally immobilizes me with grief and helplessness. Isn't that silly. What if the reason nothing ever changes is because every-one is immobilised by how little they as an individual can change things? Yeah, yeah, what if.

What else? I just finished my second self-published book which is a conversion of my old website to the page. I do love it. I am going to revamp my web hosting business, I think. I have been playing lots and lots of Skyrim, listening to lots and lots of contradictory music. I am gathering data to write a journal article on the provision of psychology over internet chat. I bought a car. I'm growing out my hair.

That's it. :)


Oct. 11th, 2011 01:22 pm
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10% done. kill me.

This is from one of the articles I am reading for my literature review:
A longitudinal study found that mental disorders pose a risk for involvement in abusive relationships among both sexes and were a source of mental disorders among women but not among men.
WHAT? Am I going insane? Has my reading comprehension been abducted by aliens? Didn't they just claim that mental disorders, as well as being a risk factor for abusive relationships, are also a source of MENTAL DISORDERS? WTF, AUTHORS?

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your body is great at detecting invaders,
but cancer isn't an invader. you grew it.

I was just sitting outside "smoking" my e-cigarette (vanilla mmm, but with no nicotine, just flavouring) and watching my kitty Munchy luxuriously sun himself (I am so jealous that cats can make lolling about on concrete seem comfortable). Suddenly he spied something up the driveway and jumped up, on alert. I looked over and saw my other kitty, Guppy, come racing up the path as though a million soul-eating devils were after her (and maybe there were; I am sure she can perceive things that I cannot). She came to a halt in front of him and they touched noses before she went to jump up through the window to go inside.

As she leapt, Munchy took a swipe at her hindquarters with his forepaw and missed. I was reminded of something I had read that said if you have two cats that sometimes playfight, as they seem compelled to do, you should put a bell on the more aggressive cat so that the more submissive one can hear him coming and be ready. IF ONLY 'TWERE SO SIMPLE. Munchy, the more aggressive cat, is of course going to be the more active and daring; more likely to climb precarious treelimbs and wiggle into tiny nooks and thereby lose his collar and thence the bell. I just can't keep a collar on him.

Today I have off work, hooray. Oh how I shall treasure my short time of three day work weeks! My boss asked me yesterday if he could increase my hours to full time. I would prefer four days, or a nine day fortnight, to full time, I said. He is going to get back to me, but I am almost sure he will want full time from me. This just means I must finish my program for full registration as a psychologist before the increase in work commences. So today, day off, is to be spent finishing writing up my research project report on online counselling. I can surely get this done today. As soon as I finish this entry, then make some breakfast, then put some laundry on.

Last night during supervision I was writing furious notes as my supervisor outlined her treatment plan for Anorexia and Bulimia, as I have had a sudden influx of young women with eating disorders at work. I filled three pages as she spoke for a ceaseless half hour.
"Jess," she eventually said, "your poor hand. Do you type faster than you write?"
"Yes, of course, by a million miles."
"You should sit at the computer then, to take your notes." How reasonable of her!
"Um, no," I howevered, "I find that I writing by hand lodges information more firmly in my brain. I used to take my laptop to lectures at Uni until I realised I didn't retain as much when I typed my notes as when I scrawled them fervently." (I may not have actually said "scrawled them fervently" but whatevs.)
"Wow, how interesting," she said. She seemed intrigued, and we talked briefly about possible explanations and implications.

I felt mildly guilty, as I don't even know if what I'd said was true. It seemed like it would be true, but really I think I was just comfortable sitting on the couch and writing by hand. Seriously I do not know why I sometimes come out with these silly lies. It would have been so much easier to simply say, "Nah, I'm happy here."

I do it with friends, with family, and have for years. An unfortunate throwback to the entire lives I used to compulsively fabricate as an adolescent, mayhap. Usually, with people I know super well, when I catch myself doing it I'll say pretty soon afterwards, "by the way, that wasn't true at all," and we'll laugh etc. So it's not a huge problem, I just would like to know what the fuck is up with it.

In conclusion I think I will attempt to keep a log of when it happens, along with my thoughts around why then, there, with that person... and eventually uncover the deep-seated, firmly lodged personality flaw that is undoubtedly lurking in my bowels motivating this behaviour, and potentially others as well. In my quest for utter perfection as a human being.

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I'm hanging out with [livejournal.com profile] darkentropy and [livejournal.com profile] cluckfuster on my loungeroom floor with fuzzy blankets & big cushions, warm lighting, atmospheric muse sicks and super sweet white wine. Oh, and lots of chocolate. Guppy is curled up between us, and has a preference for deep touch. I agree with her that deep touch is satisfying, but there is something orgasmic about light touch as well. I go both ways.

We've talked about communal parenting, communal relationshipping. Sharing resources, time, and love :)
We've talked about journalling, and LiveJournal, and read each other's journals, and other people's journal entries about me. haha.
We're wondering if it's sex if there are no mouths, no fingers/hands, no undressing.. but grinding and orgasms. My vote is yes, that counts. I don't think that orgasming alone can be counted as sex though; there needs be another person involved. Storm disagrees.

Soon we'll start some editing.. after we go to the bottleshop for moar wines, which we're about to do right now. It's just really cold out there, although.. I can smoke. k I'll deal.

A three day week doesn't mean I HAVE to drink every other night, you know.

Also, I'm moving out. I looked at a place last night and it was pretty swish, although the room was small. It did have a private balcony though. And the apartment had a huge rooftop area in which I could have some pretty awesome parties. I'm just not sure I could live with two professional late-twenties women who go to the gym twice a week. I'll keep looking.

I'd really rather live by myself, but would have to live too far out of town to afford it. I think I would much prefer to live central and deal with housemates. Perhaps. I guess I'm lucky in that I don't have to rush.. although I kind of want to...

"Okay I'm done. How can I end this journal entry on a high note?"
"Um, Marie is here?"
"Okay say something funny Marie."
"Bitches be crazy."
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I just read through some of my notes from health psychology to try and find a word synonymous with 'pathogen' that I'd been trying to recall the past day spent wracked with the worst allergic reaction of all my lives. "It's like invader," I'd say. An antagonistic, er, aggressive, perhaps metaphorical description of a foreign body. Antigen. Alien. Illegal immigrant... I just couldn't recall. Well, I found it; it was foreign invader. How disappointing. I had remembered the term without knowing it. I thought it was better though.

Anyway I continued reading my lecture notes after finding the reference, for fun, and am smiling at some of my descriptions.. how I interpreted things so I could make sense of and remember them. "Macrophages (big chompers making up 5% of phagocytes) are totally the best; while phagocytes eat up pathogens, macrophages take a taste of the pathogen's shape, then race through the entire body screeching for the lymphocytes that match that shape so it can tell them we need more, morrrrre of these specialised chompers! Tcells and Bcells galore!"

I remember imagining little chomping phagocytes and big chomping macrophages, like different species of pacmen, racing through my body with little detectors that go BING when they identify delicious non-self foreign invaders. CHOMP

There is also a drawing of a spinal cord with a picket fence style literal pain gate. & got an HD, betch.

I wrote a lot of quite enormous papers that are really rather good. I'm tempted to use one for a current project I am overdue on and haven't started yet... but can't. It would be so easy! but I can't do it. haha. idiot.
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I am so afraid of doing so wrong that I falter and start, mumble and fart
about, do nothing and nothing more, until I have no choice anymore,
and am saved! no more decisions for me, hurray.
I'll live to while away
a few more hapless, harried days.

so much life spent being
sad and uncertain and sorry and scared. how silly, how silly, how silly.
but, well, as long as everyone hurts but me
(sighing, staring longingly
while I spit my prettie words like coins,
hugely blinking shining, guileless eyeshadows
at all the girls &boys),
yes, maybe. maybe, perhaps, we'll see..
as long as, till then, you keep feeding me.
I need, I need, I need.

eh, dishonesty.
look, here I go,
I snarl and tear my only flesh,
already purple and red and grey,
eaten away.
eating for the rotten part
but there's so much in the way.

I start to think there never was
any quite so rotten
as that I've chewed to bleeding death.
but, well...
even my own miserable flaws are more enthralling by far than anyone elses's enchantingly shining traits
any day. :)

"Whenever she felt lost in the endless deserts of insomnia she would take up the labyrinthian thread of her life again from the beginning to see if she could find at what moment the paths had become confused."
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oh, oh. I'm in love.
love love love love love you dark and long

fall in love with people
all all all the time
and love it, love it so! I love love so; I do.

I feel so tingly, alive and squirmy
I feel my insides like they try to leap ouT!
I feel, oh gosh, I shiver.
oh my. what do I do?

I'll tell you. I dream and smile
and wish and why
and just love it and that is all.

yeah.. it's all I need.
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I just watched Brene Browne's TED talk on vulnerability. It was okay; she was very engaging and amusing, but it could have been half the length with the same weighted message. Anyway, she was talking about "whole-hearted" people: people who have a sense of worthiness, of love and belonging (compared to people who struggle for it and wonder if they're good enough). As I was listening I was thinking, well, I would most certainly be hearted wholly. I do believe I am worthy of love and belonging (and thus am loved and do have a sense of belonging).

As she began to list those qualities that the whole-hearted have which may contribute to this, I was ready to hear a list of my own admirable traits:

Courage: the courage to be imperfect
Compassion: to be kind to themselves and others
Connection: the ability to let go of who they think they should be, and just be who they are.. and thus enable connection with others

Yes, yes, yes, I thought. Absolutely she is describing me. I knew it.

Vulnerability: having the willingness to risk uncomfortable thoughts and feelings when there are no guarantees.

Oh. Well, sure, I do believe that what makes us vulnerable makes us beautiful, that vulnerability is absolutely necessary... sure, yes.

For others, I mean. Maybe it would be true for me, too, maybe maybe. But maybe it would just hurt. Maybe it would be catastrophically awful.

I will not say "I love you" first. I will not ask for help when I can muddle through by my own insufficient ability in thrice the time. I will not put my hand up in case I am not chosen.

I will not risk shame.

Gosh, I was so sure I was whole-hearted.


Sep. 20th, 2010 05:40 pm
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I have reinstated my dazelie, and am reading through old entries to make sure they've formatted okay to the new layout.. and because I enjoy reading over them being so high on narcissm and all.

This is my favourite entry in the entire universe:
31st August, 2003
at lunch with Bronwyn today she said (she's working at a LifeLine op shop for community service), "I spotted a dress yesterday at work and thought 'oo, Jess'd like that,' it was just your style. then I looked at the tag to see where to hang it and it said fancy dress."
I found that rather amusing.

at work Leonard was taking down fairie lights that sometimes blink and sometimes don't blink and sometimes don't work at all, when he suddenly gave a yell.. he'd been mildly shocked. he later said, "gee, i'm glad it wasn't one of you girls who'd grabbed hold of that."
ph! I felt like marching over there and grabbing it for all I was worth. I bet I wouldn't even give half the bellow he did.

I learnt how to make an illusion (vodka, midori, gin, tequila, limejuice, ice), except the boy I was making them for asked me to put this horrid black licorice stuff in as well. ew. then he was sitting at the bar talking to a lady telling her about the car accident he'd been in, and he showed her this huge scar covering his torso. she said, "oh my god, you're so lucky. you're so lucky."
I was thinking, "i'm luckier."
mmm.. think i'll make this friendsonly so everyone in the entire world doesn't find my dazelie & know all the gory details of my sexlife etc.

<Jan 2011 edit>ah screw it. my sex life makes fantastic reading.</edit>
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I am noticing little flashes of dark paranoia: like thinking a shrub in my corner vision is some twisted creature spying, or about to attack, till I leap and notice it is but a shrub. but mostly I am happy.. I can't turn my smile off! if I notice something that is sad or mad I am mostly capable of quickly distracting myself, my mind like a twitchy bird, catching ideas like bugs.

my brain wanting to see things in the trees... shapes that are.
we're such pattern pickers.
the veins in my limbs mirror the rivers & streams
the branches & trees
the skeletons of leaves.

I would like to be an empty vessel, blown about by uncommon events occuring in my vicinity.

my left knee keeps telling me it doesn't want to be.. my legbends are much like wingbends.
ah, another bird analogy! am as one, today. a thing of nature.

I could just as easily be a deep-sea creature; jellylike. incomprehensible propulsion. illuminated from within, my own would be the only light for me.
life under pressure
scare tactics & survival mode
temperature & tremor
breathless, voiceless, sunless, lungless.

like a table with two chairs set out at 45 degree angles being so much more inviting than if they were pushed all the way in, merely perfunctory functional.
o, but a construct.. how inorganic of me, she muttered with disappointment.

my flesh is as any thing's flesh. my construction needs more swirls & spirals, but the fractals in my pores & wrinkles will do... for now.
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what a ridiculous argument. come ON. AS IF THERE'S ANY CONTEST.
please allow me to irrevocably demonstrate through the powers of mspaint:


now, you see.


Apr. 1st, 2010 11:34 am
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I am reading of Paracelsus, Renaissance physician, rejecter of magic, namer of zinc, creator of laudanum..

arrogant, bombastic believer that the universe was "one coherent organism pervaded by a uniting lifegiving spirit, and this in its entirety, Man included, was 'God'.."

contradictor of the traditional Galenic medical belief in the four humours of the body..

whose motto was "atterius non set qui suus esse potest," or "let no man that can belong to himself be of another" (men, because women were only ever of another)..

who also wrote "Alle Ding' sind Gift, und nichts ohn' Gift; allein die Dosis macht, daß ein Ding kein Gift ist," or "All things are poison and nothing is without poison, only the dose permits something not to be poisonous.."

and who provided the first scientific mention of the unconscious!

but this is by far my favourite quote:

Let me tell you this: every little hair on my neck knows more than you and all your scribes, and my shoe buckles are more learned than your Galen and Avicenna, and my beard has more experience than all your high colleges.
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i read lots of webcomix. here are a couple i like very, very much, and am sure you will also like:

Anders Loves Maria is my favourite. it is beautiful. it is a story like life. a life like story. a like story life. so it is lesslike a usual comic, and you need to read it from the beginning. also it is nearly finished, which is a bit sad.

KinokoFry is abominably cute. it has buggs! & munchrooms. and swirly dr seuss backgrounds. and it's by an australian <3 but it's not updated much anymore. i have this one as my desktop background.

Pictures for Sad Children is hilariously bizarre. or bizarrely hilarious. I prefer the later ones after the Paul the ghost story ends.

Platinum Grit is my most long term comic relationship. i started it when i was a teenager! &still love it so. &issue 20 just came out! o &it is another one you need to read from the start. &is also australian!

The Perry Bible Fellowship is also hilariously bizarre. i am beginning to sense a theme. pbf isn't updated anymore, though, boo.

Nedroid Picture Diary is adorable. and sometimes horrible. in an adorable way.

Oglaf is, well.. full of sex. yay! :D i like that on the archive pages the stories have warnings when they are safe for work. haha. possibly i love it so because it's by the same author as platinum grit, which i did not realise for aaaaages.

i tried to put them in a vague sort of order of how much i like them but it was imporrible! i like them all so much! arrr.

does anyone know any others i should see? but plz don't suggest questionable content kthx, or xkcd cuz duh. i just figured everyone already knew that one.
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I wanted to remember this, so have typed it up at work. Having nowhere to keep it, have posted it here. I've no daily anymore, besides my paper journals, of which I've none with me today. I so rarely write long entries in them, though, them being generally small and unweieldy... and typing being so easier to express, to reflect and modify. Perhaps I should restart dazelie, I do so love that I have it to look back on.

This weekend just past I finally managed to get to Byron Bay. I'd wanted to go for weeks, months! but events continually impeded; Shadowrun, hangovers, essential shopping sprees, etc. Mostly it was that I wanted to take my friends, rather than go alone, but they so very often had other plans, damn them!

Jason decided not to come along, having just received a letter from the department of psychology berating him for being such a slack bastard, so wanted to catch up on some work instead. Chelle originally wanted to go motorcycle shopping, being about to be granted a license. I thus threatened to go on my own, in the face of their blatant defiance of my wishes (and would have, reluctantly, for just a day trip), as I'd learned the markets are only on once per month, rather than every weekend... this weekend, and I am going to Cairns next.

Chelle found her cycle during the week, however, so agreed to come. Hurrah! Then I received messages from Rohan, asking for company Saturday night, so I invited him, thinking he probably wouldn't come, yet he did as well. So the three of us went.

The drive took only two hours, when I'd thought it to be three. We arrived at around 3pm and had delicimous sushi (tempura salmon rolls with two sauces, split crumbed prawns filled with rice, tuna and avocado, soft shelled crab) followed by gelati. We checked into our "studio" the next beach down – one bedroom with a queen + single bed, as well as a separate lounge room and kitchenette. After lounging around a bit we decided to go shopping for supplies (liquor and breakfastfoods) before heading back into Byron for dinner.

I love Byron Bay so very. Not so much the intensely touristy aspect of it; more the creative, casual lifestyle, with organic goodness, beach and wilderness. Chelle and I devised plans for moving there once Jason and I are registered – a private practice, miscellaneous (I just can't recall the specifics) IT and computery jobs for Rohan and Jeremy, a host of eclectic pursuits for Chelle, including a stall at the markets where Chelle and I can sell our paintings; gardens, hammocks, surfing, drum circles (we briefly spied a huge one of such energy!), festivals, drug use, etc. I wish so!

Anyway, dinner! Hog's Breath Café, where Chelle and I shared nachos and steak. Rohan raved about the steak for a bit – slow cooked for 18 hours! A conspiracy was theorised as to how they knew how many to have ready for when we arrived. We then headed back to the hotel to get slightly trashed and wander up to the beach. Except the way to the beach was through some pitch black beachside woods – an interesting and hilarious drunken trek. The beach was chaotic: black, roaring, windy and stormy, lightning over the waves, freezing cold. We headed back to shower and pass out on the couch (o wait, that was just me).

I woke up to Chelle cooking breakfast – grilled haloumi, pesto toast, avocado and smoked salmon. I skipped the salmon, the rest was sublime (although I'm sure for people who do not detest slimy fish flesh the salmon was also sublime). We headed to the beach for some swimming and roasting. The morning beach was perfect – a light breeze, sand crinkled by last night's rain, water chill and blue, mountains on the horizon, copious hole-crabs and cheery, racing puppydogs greeting us gleefully from all angles. I received a slight tan (thank you sun), but melanoma and a friend's insistence I get my back looked at worried continuously at my mind (thank you sun), though apparently not enough for me to actually get looked at, mind.

After another shower, some cigarettes and morning vodka, we checked out at around 10am (QLD time) and headed to Byron for the markets. We went straight to the gushy fudz section and Rohan wandered off lost as quickly as he could. Chelle and I partook of delicious samosas and satay chicken, then began to aimlessly wander the stalls. I bought scented oil burner chips, a tantric colouring book and some pants for Jason. Chelle bought a pretty dress and a hugely floppy hat – it was so very sunny and abominably hot. We then received a call from lost Rohan and met up with him, and the search for toeboots began – my main reason for wanted to revisit the markets. I couldn't find them, and didn't, which was quite sad, but gives me reason to go back and try again.

So very hot and heatstruck we went back into the town for air-conditioned shakes (vanilla as a flavour is so underrated) for which the waitress undercharged. Rohan kicked up a minor fuss re. morals and insisting on paying the correct amount, to which Chelle and I shrugged; well, how else will they learn not to make such atrocious errors?

I set the agenda for the rest of the day: swimsuit shopping (for me), followed by doof shopping (for me), followed by stopping once again at the markets for a burrito (for me). I felt a tad awfully selfish but, well, no one else had any preferences! Chelle made out fine, liking the shops I chose and also buying a swimsuit, but poor Rohan lagged about in complete disinterest, yet with wonderful patience.

We left as the market stalls were closing up (no burrito for me, afterall) and stopped for a happy meal on the way home instead. ALL in all (is all we are), an immensely successful trip, one I hope to repeat again soon.
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I was travelling, or transient, and most people I met were highly nude. This was not unusual. They were attractive, male or female, and they all had enormous penises, like betumoured elephant trunks, hanging between their legs. I, too, was nude, and apparently the only person in the world with a vagina. I suppose this made me highly desirable, as there seemed to be a constant demand for me. At times I was happy to oblige, and at times I was running frantically away, climbing cliffs and crawling muddily under roaring train bridges.


Oct. 2nd, 2008 12:38 pm
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Just now I was sitting on the front steps looking at my feet, and how weird they are.

I think I have abnormal feet. All the toes are pretty long, but the fourth toe is relatively absurd, like the foots own limb. It has never fit into properly dainty shaped shoes, so has learnt over my lifetime to tuck itself under so that it is now impossible to straighten. Further, because this has caused constant friction between the toeknuckle and the roof of shoes, it has developed a benign corn, a permanent callusy growth that is quite pronounced.

I like my feet and my wayward fourth toe, but... I guess it is rather annoying that it prevents me buying 85% of the shoes I try on. And I hate open-toed shoes with the fiery passion of 1.25 hells.

Also, last night I dreamt I was looking at my face in the mirror, closer and closer, till I was examining the pores, and realised I could see into them, like they were wormholes for parasites. It was pretty gross in there.

Yes, I'm still in my pajamas. <3

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