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Mar. 8th, 2012 08:32 pm
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So, Storm moved out of the apartment and I now have a spare room. I've been unable to find anyone I know who wants it, so I posted an ad on Gumtree. So much anxiety, though. The rent's pretty expensive, what if no one wants to pay so much? What if no one can stand sharing an apartment with 150 My Little Ponies? What if everyone on Gumtree becomes a mad killer at the slightest provocation, e.g. upon observing 150 my little ponies all at once?

I've had a bunch of responses, including a whole bunch of callers who hang up as soon as I answer, wtf. Of the genuine replies, one was a 45 year old weightlifting guy (ew), one was two guys (??), one was a lady with a 3 year old daughter (she'd destroy my ponies. it's what kids do), one was a guy who obviously had copied&pasted the same msg to everyone advertising because it just didn't fit my ad, etc. Three responses I was especially hopeful about, so I invited them 'round to inspect and chat. They were all women around my age.

Girl 1. Moved to Australia from Afghanistan about 6 months ago, and is newly in Brisbane. She had dimples. I pretty much adored her on sight. She was very cheerful and slightly awkward (e.g. giggling nervously when I hadn't really said anything funny), which was just endearing. She seemed very eager about the room, however we clearly didn't have much in common. She also mentioned she's hoping to move to the US in three or so months, which isn't a big deal, but neither is it ideal.

Girl 2. Recently broke up with her long term partner. Slight European accent. Really, really liked the room, but was disappointed there was no communal outdoor area. Seemed disturbed by the ponies. Said she was unsure about the room, as she wanted to live somewhere very social. Well, I said, I can be social, and am on weekends, but like space to myself most of the time. She said, "I'd probably be lonely, then." TOO NEEDY.

Girl 3. I can't remember why she's moving... which is probably because I was just immediately so smitten by her (in a completely platonic way). We had lots in common, and she was very easy to chat to, bar one or two brief awkward silences that probably only occurred because we spent so much time hanging out and talking about irrelevant stuff like why cats are weird and Game of Thrones and internet dating when we'd only just met. She loved the apartment (AND the ponies) and the cats and I LOVE HER AND HOPE SHE MOVES IN.

I told her I have one more person looking tomorrow and that I'd message her after that... but I already know I want her as my housemate please.

I hope it all works out!
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