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Um, so. Today I went to the beach and my bikini bottom was nearly swept away 45086 times. For some reason my body insists on a size M top and size S bottom. THANKS, BODY.


I went to the Gold Coast Big Day Out and had lots of strange and hilarious pictures taken of me.

Next weekend I am going camping. I've never been camping. I am scared of alien abductions and spiders that live underground and come out to jump on birds and eat them.

In several weeks I am going to Thailand and Malaysia for a holiday. I am trying to save money to buy lots of sweatshop clothing etc. but it doesn't work. My money hates to be saved and I hate to be cruel to it.

Like, I want to buy a tatty second hand wedding dress of yellowed lace and chiffon and embroidered baby's breath to wear to do the grocery shopping and whatnot, twirling the whole time like that whiney oh-so-fresh-faced girl from Legend. yeah. DON'T PRETEND YOU HAVEN'T SEEN IT.

I have an extended family of pets to be looked after while I am gone but can't work up the nerve to ask anybody to do it because I fear it is too huge a job. Oh, my pets. I have three rats and two cats and three aquariums full of fish who I think I love most of all. I can send the cats to people but need someone to housesit the rest, I guess...

I want to grow my hair super long so I can fly with it like Supergirl's cape, but I also want to bleach it over & over so I can dye it colours. I can't do both. What do I do?

Now on the top of the list for my new last name is Peril. Jessica Peril. OH YES.

Also, even though I am about to sign off and go home, add overtlie@hotmail.com to your MSN so I can chat you up while I am bored and brainless at work please kthx I love you byebye ¯\(º o)/¯
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Things to do once I've finished my degree, TUESDAY!
  • Buy that $240 skirt I SIMPLY MUST HAVE IT despite its $240ness.
  • Breed my prettie crowntail fighters so they have lots of prettie crowntail fighter babies.
  • Go to Ikea to buy a cabinet to build a superduper penthouse for my rattie Bean.
    • Find Bean a rattie friend!
      • I'm watching him try to haul a whole slice of bread into his cage. OMG THE CUTENESS
  • FIND SOMEWHERE TO LIVE that isn't $300 a week for just little old me. and my million pets. I would like to stay in or near Coorparoo, or a not-frightfully-expensive inner West somewhere. Or anywhere near public transport, I guess.
  • Visit Cairns for Sarah-bear's birthday.
  • Learn to drive! Maybe.
  • Make a new webdesign site.
  • Dye my hair some outgrageously funn colour.
  • Go to Lab4 & Critical Mass & Earthcore & Cat Empire! yay!
  • Get stoned and have zombie boardgame & movie night with [livejournal.com profile] bird_e and as many people we can con into coming. yay X 8sideways!

anyway. back to my last ever assignment:

This disorder has been found to be relatively resistant to treatment, which is thought to be due to the ego syntonic nature of its characteristics. The traits which are targeted for change are so pervasive and unconscious that the patient usually does not see them as a problem, and instead will place the blame on external sources. As a result of this, patients rarely present voluntarily for treatment, instead usually being treated involuntarily, having been referred by an employer, family member or, most often, the courts. They therefore generally lack motivation to change as well as insight into the need to change. Further, psychotherapy is based on a therapeutic alliance with the therapist, in which an empathic and trusting interpersonal connection is critical. Such a relationship is difficult to establish with a patient who is dishonest, lacking in empathy and exhibits only shallow affect and intimacy. Thus few psychotherapies have been found to be effective in treating the disorder.


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what you think is 10,000 times more important than what anyone else thinks.
what you want is at least twice as important as what anyone else wants. make them happy, but make yourself happy first.
don't be charitable because it makes you feel good about yourself. be charitable because it makes you feel good that the people you've helped are happier.

ask yourself what being angry will accomplish.
all negative emotion can be overcome.
people cause their own cancer.

if you fear something, learn about it. 10% chance of fearing it if you understand it.
fear is the worst reason to not do anything.
boredom is the worst reason to go to bed.
sadness is the worst reason for suicide.

don't smile for anyone but yourself. don't smile to hide your sadness if you're sad.
if something makes you sad, and you can do something about it, but don't, you lose all right to complain, or even mention your sadness.
if you're sad, don't sit by yourself in the dark and think about razors. go have lunch with your mumm.

feel free to walk away from the middle of conversations.
don't spend more than ten minutes per day thinking about how you look.
don't say you can't do something if you haven't tried it.


don't lie. don't litter. don't be cruel to strangers.
it's easier to keep friends than it is to make new ones.
people with pets live longer.

eat every day. sleep every day. exercise your brain.
use both your brain and your heart when making decisions.
listen to your favourite song over and over.
keep a journal. don't assume someone else will someday read it.

no extreme is healthy.
don't do something just because it's easier than the alternative.
don't feel obligated.

decide beforehand the most you're willing to pay.
it's better to regret something you did do than something you didn't do.
tomorrow isn't guaranteed.

don't tell your children santa claus is real.
tell your children there is more than your way to think.
love your children more than you do yourself, & say it every day. tuck them in. read to them.

hugs are a necessity.
have fun.

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