Jan. 5th, 2010

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i read lots of webcomix. here are a couple i like very, very much, and am sure you will also like:

Anders Loves Maria is my favourite. it is beautiful. it is a story like life. a life like story. a like story life. so it is lesslike a usual comic, and you need to read it from the beginning. also it is nearly finished, which is a bit sad.

KinokoFry is abominably cute. it has buggs! & munchrooms. and swirly dr seuss backgrounds. and it's by an australian <3 but it's not updated much anymore. i have this one as my desktop background.

Pictures for Sad Children is hilariously bizarre. or bizarrely hilarious. I prefer the later ones after the Paul the ghost story ends.

Platinum Grit is my most long term comic relationship. i started it when i was a teenager! &still love it so. &issue 20 just came out! o &it is another one you need to read from the start. &is also australian!

The Perry Bible Fellowship is also hilariously bizarre. i am beginning to sense a theme. pbf isn't updated anymore, though, boo.

Nedroid Picture Diary is adorable. and sometimes horrible. in an adorable way.

Oglaf is, well.. full of sex. yay! :D i like that on the archive pages the stories have warnings when they are safe for work. haha. possibly i love it so because it's by the same author as platinum grit, which i did not realise for aaaaages.

i tried to put them in a vague sort of order of how much i like them but it was imporrible! i like them all so much! arrr.

does anyone know any others i should see? but plz don't suggest questionable content kthx, or xkcd cuz duh. i just figured everyone already knew that one.

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